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Shadow Parts Meditation

According to the teachings of some Eastern contemplative philosophies, beneath this conscious layer of mind there is our subconscious mind and, even deeper, our unconscious mind. Modern western psychology holds a similar view.


This meditation is designed to guide you to meet, with love, the things and parts of yourself that you may have repressed, or chosen to overlook in life. 


These can include, among other things:

  • difficult emotions
  • hidden traumas
  • “wild desires”
  • complexes
  • negative thought patterns
  • shame, guilt, regret
  • aggressiveness, anger
  • unconscious fears
  • unresolved emotional processes


You will be supportef 100% of the way!


The idea is to bring this from your subconiscous mind and into the awarenss of your conscious mind so that you may bring these parts of yourself into the light and ultimately heal, nuture and forgive.